Relationship counselling is a collaborative process involving developing a trusting and respectful relationship with the counsellor.

It involves working towards agreed goals, some of which may be reviewed and refined as the process develops; clients also report being able to hear each other in a different way in the presence of their relationship counsellor.

Every couple is different, and time is taken to understand your unique situation and expectations of counselling. All of our listed members have extensive experience and training in working with a broad range of human issues.

Couple Counselling

It might not feel easy as a couple to decide to seek help because this, in itself, may feel like you haven’t persevered sufficiently or been able to solve problems yourselves. That really isn’t the case; nor is it an admission of failure or damaging to our self-worth. We seek help freely in other areas of our lives and know the importance of confronting problems before they become crises – in this respect, it can be useful to consider coming to relationship counselling before you think you really need to. Most importantly, though, relationship counselling aims to help couples improve and enrich their lives together.

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