This is a difficult diagnosis for anyone to hear. It may come after many years of emotional/physical setbacks, medical/surgical interventions and fear.

The dreams of couples or individuals can be shattered by this diagnosis, and new pathways to achieve the goal of a healthy child must now be considered. The options can be overwhelming. Stress is to be expected, with grief a given. During periods of grief, loss and stress we tend to become exaggerated versions of ourselves. The talker will talk more, the shy person will withdraw more… the unique personalities of partners and their differences will seem magnified.

When facing such distressing news, it can be natural for us to reach, even more, for familiar sources of comfort such as food, alcohol, other substance use or retreating from social contact.

Couples often experience differences in who they feel they can and want to confide in. Tensions about what and how much is shared can arise.

Partners may not be able to provide all the necessary support; they too are hurting. However, a professional counsellor can be an invaluable part of your support team on this complex journey.

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