Grief is a word that covers our many emotional responses to loss.

Loss is associated with emotional change. This is normal, and often we can anticipate our emotional changes: bereavements, loss of a relationship, trauma experiences, major setbacks and disappointments.

Other times we are unaware of grief’s presence – we just feel different. We can be disturbed or puzzled by our emotional changes. If our unique internal world of dreams, hopes, beliefs and values has been challenged, being able to regain control over our emotions is important. Some responses are more constructive than others and inevitably affect those around us.

Grief does not have a timetable and major losses have an impact over years rather than weeks or months.

Because those closest to us experience our emotional responses as well; relationships can become problematic and stressed. Supporting and understanding each other can be difficult.

AARC therapists are professionally skilled to provide support through the many facets of grief. Individual or couple counselling can also provide a safe, therapeutic forum for developing greater understanding of yourself and those close to you, preventing grief from becoming debilitating.

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