The break-up of a marriage or committed relationship is, for many people, one of the most agonising experiences of life.

It is preceded by several stages where either or both parties begin to emotionally separate from the other as disillusionment grows. As the original hopes and expectations for the relationship fade, erosion of relational satisfaction develops. Parties begin to detach from the other, usually signalling the inevitable physical separation that follows.

There can be many ‘divorces within a divorce’ – many losses which need to be faced and mourned. These include emotional, legal, economic (changed financial circumstances), parental (where contact with and parenting of children has to be arranged), psychic (where one’s sense of self-worth and identity has to be reviewed) and other ‘divorces’. Each presents unique challenges to be addressed.

The emotional demand on individuals can be great. In the midst of often intense pain, it can be very difficult to make wise and considered decisions. This is where the support of a skilled relationship counsellor can assist divorcing individuals to make this transition more cleanly. Assistance can be provided that can minimise potential pain and support the best interests of any children of the relationship.

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