Application Process

AARC Training Standards are revised periodically. For all applicants the rules that apply are the rules as they stand at the time the application is made. Before you apply for AARC membership, you are advised to carefully check the training standards and to ensure that you have all relevant documentation.

Please allow a minimum of two to three months to the application process.

AARC membership covers the annual period running from July to June and is renewed annually. Membership renewal depends on fulfillment of professional development and supervision requirements. When audited, members will be requested to show evidence of attendance at supervision relating to client-contact hours, professional development attended and professional indemnity insurance see Membership Renewal for more information.

The AARC is aligned with PACFA Training and Register standards.

The Process

Step 1: Read carefully the information provided on the present website to identify the category of membership that your training, your work experience and your supervision situation entitles you to apply for. Become familiar with the documentation you will have to provide to support your application. Then, go to the Counselling and Psychotherapy Portal, register and, through the AARC tag under Member Associations, upload and complete the AARC membership application form corresponding to your training and experience. A non-refundable application fee of $60 will be due.

All supporting documentation needs to be uploaded to the Counselling and Psychotherapy Portal (certified copies of degrees and academic transcripts, supervision and client-contact evidence, professional indemnity insurance evidence, referees, certified copy of a current (within one month of the application) ethical documentation if applicable. If you are unable to do so, please send these documents to: –          AARC, C/- 290 Park Street, North Fitzroy, Victoria, 3068

If you cannot apply online, please contact PACFA by email to request a paper application form.  There is an administrative fee of $35 if you do not apply online.

Step 2: Receipt of your Membership Application and Application Fee will be forwarded to you. Your application will be processed by PACFA and forwarded to the AARC Membership Secretary who will contact your referee and will usually contact you within a month of receiving your application. In the case of an incomplete application or application for another level of membership, you will have to re-apply within a period of two-months. No new application fee will be due if you re-apply within that deadline. If you miss the deadline, the file will be treated as a new application and you will be required to pay a second application fee of $60.

Step 3: Once all requisite information, documentation, reference and application fee have been received and assessed by AARC, you will be advised of your membership approval. An offer will be made to become a member of AARC together with a request for payment of the membership fee.

You will have one month to accept the offer of AARC membership from the date of the offer. If this time period elapses, you will be required to resubmit your application and pay a second application fee of $75.